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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trenton J. Brown

Work for Sirius Computer Solutions as an Account Executive, IBM's largest business partner. I sell enterprise computer systems to large businesses. For fun I do SEO or rank websites on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search. Have 1 boy (Kaysen 4 1/2 yrs) and 2 girls (Addilyn and Sadie 2 1/2 and 13 months. My wife makes wedding cakes and we've been married for almost 6 years.


The King Family said...

Trent, We haven't heard from you forever. It sounds like you are doing well. I looked at the website and your wife's cakes are amazing. She is so talented!

Trent said...

Hey! It has been awhile, we hope to eventually be living in Cedar or St. George. Are you guys running the site?

Brad Winegar said...

Hey lets get together some time and improve my site traffic and my site period. I don't have time to update it... It's like 4 years old now.

Trent said...

Hey Brad, sounds good to me. I can do the basics and then show you ways to improve your site rankings in Google.
Not sure when I'll be in Monroe, when will you be up in SLC?

the coltons said...

trent - i asked liz how you were doing the other day, and bam, you show up here. life sounds good for you, and shelly's right - your wife makes some amazing cakes.

MattJ said...

Sounds like life is going great for you! We live in St. George and love it. Hurry and move down and join the Kings and Us!