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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lloyd Gleave

Website address: - not up yet :-)
Email Address:
Tell us a little about yourself: I live in St. George & am just hanging out mostly. I started an investing company called Signature Capital & i'm just growing that right now. I'm still single but have been dating a girl for the last 6 or so months & things are going good so far so we'll see where that leads. ;-) we bought a dog together so you know we're serious. Haha we named her Sadie & no I didn't know Trent had a girl named Sadie so sorry Trent :-)anyways life is good & I try to live it to the fullest.


Brad Winegar said...

Just ask her to marry you already. Geez :)

Anonymous said...

Rename your dog. Janell's dad named a horse Sadie May so we are used to it. Poor girl.

Brandon said...

Lloyd....invite me to your wedding man! You coming to Lagoon with us too? If you do keep your hands in the ride at all time, lol