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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brandon and Sharlene (Rose) Street

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Brandon returned for the Connecticut Hartfor mission in 2000. We both attended SUU thereafter and were married July 2000. Shar obtained a BS in Biology and Brandon obtained a BS in Psychology. Shar is now a busy mother of 4 children (Maren 6, Braydon 4, Emily 3, and Tanner 20 months). Brandon is working as an Employment Counselor for the state of Utah in Richfield and has been there 4 years. We own a home in Monroe Utah and are loving life!


Brad Winegar said...

Hello Streets I'm excited to go to Lagoon with you guys next week. Again I just wanted to write a comment so you didn't feel left out.

Anonymous said...

Hey cus well I sent my blog twice now so we will see if they add it.. The garden is growing fast.. WERE are you? J/K love ya

Lori Sala said...

Hey cus.
How are you? How is the family? England is so pretty wish you could see it! We miss all of you and cant wait to visit..
If I could figure thins out better I would put a photo up I have some real pretty pictures of course of Mallick and Dan I was taking But it is so pretty.. Love ya cuz