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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Matt Jenkins

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I live in St. George with my wife Aubrie and our 2 rowdy little boys, Caleb(4) and Trevor(3). I am an Insurance Agent at Certified Insurance. I sell all types of Insurance with multiple carriers. I enjoy living in St. George a lot more than I ever thought I would! I have to admit I have thrown around the idea of moving back to Monroe:) I finally broke down and started a facebook acount..if you haven't started one yet..I highly recommend it! I have reconnected with lots of old friends that I haven't heard from in years. Thanks Erin for telling me about this blog!!!


Brad Winegar said...

Hey Boyd Jenkins what the heck man I invited you to see Kung Fu Panda with me and you went later that day.... :) I just wanted to write something so you wouldn't feel bad that you have no comments. Are you coming up for the Manti Pageant this year? We should go together.

MattJ said...

"Thanks for noticing me"
Lets get together.
Wow, that was quick