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Friday, October 23, 2009

Samantha Stillman Tilton

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I used to be Samantha Teri Stillman, and once I was Samantha Stillman Falkner, and now,I am Samantha Teri Tilton. I am married to a great man, Matthew, who loves me deeply. Throughout our many struggles, we also raise our 7 children. Mariah-9, Kaden-8, Kaleb-7, Alex-7, Mikayla-5, Gavin-2, and Peyton-1. We have a loveable Mastiff named Butch and are looking forward to going back to college at UVU this year. All in all, I have gone through some cisrumstances that would be considered quite different from what many of you may remember. All in all, though. I'm still me. Just better and Older!

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