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Monday, August 4, 2008

Lori (Hansen) Sala

Website address: lorisala@yahoo
Email Address:

Hello everyone!! Right now I am back home.. My husband Dan is stationed in Korea (Airforce) he has been sense last Aug. he will be home on the 7th of Aug. we cant wait... I am a stay at home mom now. We have one son Mallick 3.
We are now getting ready to relocated to England (Lakenheath) we will be leaving Aug. 27 and will be there for 4-6 years. There I will be finishing my schooling to be a RN.....................
update 10/2/2008.............................Hello Everyone,Well we have made it to England and are now settled into our house:) Things are going great it is nice to have my husband home and to be a family again. England is so pretty!! Hope all is well.

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